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​Owner Tracey Manne is a long time resident of Mahwah, and a lifelong animal lover.  After losing her beloved golden retriever Tanner to lymphoma in 2012, she decided to open her home up to care for dogs while their families were away.  Loving and caring for dogs filled  the void.  Caring for many dogs with very different personalities and temperaments made her realize the need for dog training. Tracey studied dog training at Animal Behavior College, earning a certification in July 2016.

In addition to pet sitting and dog training, Tracey is a puppy raiser for The Seeing Eye in Morristown since 2013. This entails puppy training and basic obedience training from 7 weeks old till approx. 14-15 months old.  Then the puppy goes to Morristown to The Seeing Eye campus to complete formal guide dog training before being matched with their blind companion and partner.